Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A New Beginning

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I reinforced dinnertime manners by telling and enforcing the rule of if you get out of your chair once, you receive a warning. If you get out of your chair a second time, you are done with your dinner and you must leave the table and food will be thrown out.

I rearranged the seating arrangement in the hopes of having a new beginning with a changed perspective.

There was nothing unknown in terms of behavior for the rest of the night. I was surprised at how long Christopher stayed on task with his play and how uneventful it was. It only turned into an arguing match when Alyssa tried to, without asking for permission, horn in and do it herself.

We need to work on taking turns and waiting patiently. I can only deal with one child's issues at a time and that seems to be the cue for the others to bring up their own issues. Frankly, this stresses me out.


Tested me with one warning at the dinner table and then must have forgotten because he left his chair again and I upheld the rule. He was upset and wanted the rest of his dinner but it was gone.

He was very good about helping to clean up toys and when he started playing with another toy, was good after a reminder to clean up his previous toy.

He went pee after running to the toilet. He did poop a little in his underwear and cleaned up his butt by himself with the toddler flushable wipes.

He played with constructing his Lego car at the coffee table very nicely, asking for help as needed. After some time, he was getting antsy and bouncy again. Redirecting worked for a little bit. Alyssa wanted him to have her help him, with his permission, and that worked for about 5 minutes. He then was bouncing around and hurt Alyssa by hitting her on the leg. I put him in a timeout until I could get the story. Once I got the full story, I told Christopher that his hurting behavior gets him immediate bedtime. Cried and carried on in his room for over a half hour. Did finally calm down and got ready for bed. Went to the bathroom again and I hope, pooped, but I suspect not the full amount.

He came up with three rules before sleeping: Be nice, no bad behaviors, no hurting feelings.


Homework went ok, missed homework from the previous night did not get completed. I asked her to do it and she threw a fit. She told me that how it works in class is if she starts homework then she has to finish it there. I wrote a note to her teacher asking for confirmation and also included an explanation of why she was unable to finish last night’s homework (event, poor planning on my part). She watched Happy Feet on TV with some small time helping her brothers.


Watched Happy Feet a little bit and then constructed his own Legos set in the kitchen. He was able to follow all the instructions and only needed minimal help. Finished with Alyssa helping him. One “I’m thirsty” after bedtime. I told him he can drink the water in the bathroom, he wanted milk but no. “Fine!” and he went to the bathroom to drink. I believe he also peed. He did play around and did have poop in his underwear. I wiped, new underwear and went to bed.